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Matt Perelstein

There is an wonderful obituary to our great leader on Arizona Republic's website. It is well written and informative... and the picture of Thomas is exactly how I wish to remember him... straight-forward, wise, and it looks like he's just about to burst into a smile!

... and if you don't believe in destiny, please see the ad for "ThomasVille" at the top of the Guest Book page... the ad reads "It's not what you GET, it's what you get BACK!" which means to me: GIVE First, THEN Receive. Exactly what Thomas did and it worked so perfectly for him! Let's carry on his legacy, you and I.

Thomas's Obituary:

I sponsored the Guest Book so it would not be removed. And in the Guest Book I wrote:

I have sponsored this Guest Book to preserve a public shrine to a great, great man.

You changed my entire world, good sir.

I pray that the honesty, openness and feeling of oneness you showed us is carried forth, by the people you touched, and it changes people's worlds for years to come.

I hereby vow to give my life to the creation of harmony, good-will and love for our fellow man by exemplifying and sharing the wisdom of our universe.

Thank you, Thomas. Now it is our turn to carry the torch you lit.

- matt@2GetHelp.com

Elaine Ness

The clock read my mind and corrected itself.

Elaine Ness

Pat, thank you so much for doing this. I heard Thomas at the Coach Intensive two months before he died. I attended only because I had been reading his TopTens for a few years. The idea of entering the coaching profession never came into my head until I heard him speak about Profieciency # 14 on environments. That clicked with my heart. I signed up for the SOC the following morning.

During the breaks he stayed around, which I really appreciated. He and I had a brief conversation about pace of thinking. During the program he had mentioned that slow, deliberate thinkers were challenging for him. (I have since heard several coaches say the same thing.) Obviously, he could think as fast as the wind. That particular area had been the focus of my handwriting analysis business for 20 years—doing analysis reports and conducting business seminars on the respective strengths of different processing modes. His was such a gift. So, it was a nice visit to remember.

Thomas was a fascinating person. Now I enjoy listening in on his classes on my mp3 player.

What fun it will be to read this! (By the way, I am not such a night owl as to be writing this at 4:00 AM. The clock must be in the fast lane.)

Cheerful cheers to you!

Pat Graham-Block

Thanks Pat for setting this up!!!

I am thrilled to have a place to share tips and ideas and whatever inspirations come up as we carry on, in our own way, the path that we were on, when Thomas left us to head in a different direction.

I only met Thomas once and that was in Phila the October before he left.

He was a very powerful man.

What I got the most was the Master he was in "reading energy".

And of course, his love for Susan and Dave (who were also with him that weekend).

Thanks again Pat!

With love,

Pat Graham-Block
Success On Purpose, Inc

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