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Mark Farmer

Many, a many of the links presented on this and other sites, sadly, no longer work.

Try the same links on http://waybackmachine.com (the Internet archive) -- I've been able to find archived copies of MUCH of the gold of Thomas' that I'd thought was long lost.

Andrea Lee

Apologies, I couldn't work out how to make the links live in comments here...maybe Pat could step in.

The last link is here in full (I hope) if you're copy and pasting:



Andrea Lee

Thanks Pat, for this cosy landing spot.

I'll send over some little things to post separately in the next few days...it will be good stuff from old files that I just need to scan...fun.

For now, here are some links to things that might be of interest, mostly a collection of blog posts in various places.

On the occasion of his would-have-been 50th birthday July 31, 2005:


On the first year anniversary of his death, February 11, 2004:




Random wee comment March 2004:


And of course, no collection such as this would be complete without Susan Austin's very raw, very powerful post about what happened the day he died:


Barry Zweibel

Took a trip down memory lane this morning via http://www.thomasleonard.com/60info.html and wash SHOCKED at how many dead/rerouted links there were.

What a shame that not just his presence, but so much of his work, is gone.

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